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Zero Gravity


Safety Guidelines

The safety and wellbeing of our gymnasts is paramount therefore:


- The building will not be open to a parents.


- A one way system will be implemented within the building for gymnasts entering and exiting.


- The cafe and Velocity Play are unable to open.


- Registration will be taken at the front door 5 minutes before the start of the session. If you are a new starter please see Rachael at the front door.


- We ask that children are ready for their session before entering. The toilet facilities can no longer be used for changing purposes. if this does cause a problem then please speak or email Rachael as our club welfare prior to the start of the lesson.


- Contactless payment is preferable.


- Children entering the gym with earrings MUST have them removed or taped over and their hair MUST be tied up. If not, then they will be unable to attend the session as staff will NOT be able to assist to social distancing.


- All children will enter the gym one at a time (unless from the safe household or bubble) and must sanitise their hands before entering.


- A one way system will be implemented within the building

Entry into the building is through the main door. Exit from the building is via a one way system, through the cafe, upstairs and exit via the rear stairs and staff door.  


- All children will be escorted to the rear door by a coach to ensure a safe exit and hand over either to a parent or carer.

Please be at the staff door on time to collect your child. In light of this we ask that you use the parking at the rear of the buildin as well as the front.

Please note that parents must be out of their cars and be visable to ensure the safety of gymnasts.


- Saturday play sessions are unable to run.


To all Parents, Carers and Gymnast Taxi Drivers


In line with the current restrictions and latest guidelines set by British Gymnastics, we have looked at the new avenues available to us, with due consideration to all safety regulations towards your children in our care.


We will be open for the start of the new term on Monday 4th January as scheduled.


All sessions for Primary age children will run as normal.

Attendance for those in Secondary School will be postponed for 2 weeks as per government guidelines.


Monday 4-5pm / 5-6.15pm ..... running as usual

              6.15 - 7.30pm My club / 7.30 - 8.45 Open … Both Cancelled


Tuesday …..All sessions running as usual


Wednesday 4-5pm / 5-6pm …..running as usual

                    5:30-8pm, 6-8pm … Both Gymnastics and Trampoline Cancelled

                                   (primary school children can attend Fri 6 - 8pm)


Thursday 4-5pm / 5-7pm ......all running as usual


Friday 4-5pm / 5-6pm / 6-8pm...... all running as usual


Saturday 9-10am / 10-11am / 11-12pm ..... running as usual


We apologise for this latest disruption but are doing our utmost to work with the restrictions whilst continuing to offer the best Coaching service we can. We apologise for the lateness of notification but held on in case of any last minute changes.


Both Rachael and Kirsten will be in the Gym on Monday morning 9-12pm to answer the phone lines and any queries emailed in.

Stay safe and well



Mo Head Coach

Update 04/01/2021



Due to the uncertainty of what is to come over the upcoming term, in regards to Covid, we have decided to delay our open Parent and Toddler sessions for 2 weeks to see what further guidance suggests. Sessions will therefore resume from Wednesday 20th.


This decision has been made for a number of reasons however our main concern is that, currently, all Children must be supervised by an adult and sessions must be fully structured. We aim to seek guidance in the next few weeks to ensure that we know that this is safe to continue.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we apologise for the late notice, it was a difficult decision to make in delaying these sessions.

We hope to see you very soon!