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Monthly Direct Debits should be set up by the link button below.

Please note that payment via Direct Debit is the only method of payment. We will no longer accept standing orders, cash or cheque.


Please note that one month's notice must be given to the office in order for participants to stop activities and for payment to cease. Direct Debits should NOT be cancelled by the parent/guardian.

Booking is required for all of our sessions. If you would like to book into a class, please ring the office to enquire which class would be suitable for your child or email us.


If your child has done gymnastics previously or has competed in competitions before, we may offer a trail session to assess level of ability and contact you with suitable development or novice sessions.


Please note that booking MUST be made through the office. We will not accept children into the classes if they are not on the register.

Step 1

Once booked into a class, we offer the first two weeks as pay-as-you-go taster sessions.



Step 2

After the second trial week we will need the Zero Gravity Registration and Consent form signed in order to carry on with classes. On receipt of the the registration form annual British Gymnastics Insurance must be set up and ZGA membership is due (£15.00 annual membership)


If you do not wish to carry on after the second trial please inform the admin staff on Reception that you will no longer be returning.


Direct Debit will also need to be set up. To do this please scroll to the top of the page to the "set up your Direct debit" button and follow the instructions. (Please ensure you use your child's name on the Direct Debit so can set up payment easily). Please do not enter your name.

Step 3

If you wish to stop completely and no longer want to continue classes with us a one month's written notice must be given for participants to stop activities and payments to cease. The admin staff will cancel your direct debit for you. Direct Debits should NOT be cancelled by yourselves.

For cancellations please email the office at [email protected]

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Brilliant place run by awesome people, a lovely friendly club with great facilities, for both kids and parents. - Leigh


Excellent club - Rachel

Uniform Order Form 2016



Please ensure that earrings are taken out before the start of the lesson. Piercings that are less than 6 weeks old most be taped over before the start of the lesson. Please note that we cannot always supply earring tape so please ensure you tape them before coming




If your child suffers from veruccas or other foot conditions, please be aware that they must wear verucca socks (swim socks) as these are non slip and safe in the gym environment. Please note that regular socks or "trampolining park socks" are not safe within the gym due to slip hazards.




Please ensure hair is tied back and away from the eyes.


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